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17th January 2019

Archives for July 2017

Rutland Horticultural Society Annual Show

On Saturday 29th July the Rutland Horticultural Society held their Annual Show at the Burley Road school in Oakham, and what a high class show it was. Despite the recent weather the exhibits were of the highest standard. Despite the number of entries being slightly down from last year, there were 31 entrants in this

Horse and Carriage Ride for Bride and Groom

 There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a young couple coming out of a church and feeling the happiness radiating from the two of them. Yesterday (Saturday 8th July) was just one of those days. The bride and groom, the wedding guests milling around the church yard and the well wishers looking over the church

Flying Scotsman Steams Through Oakham

Last Saturday,1st July, Oakham Railway station was¬†besieged by hundreds of rail buffs carrying cameras, tripods, video cameras, and various seating equipment, all to watch the Flying Scotsman steam through Oakham. At approximately 10.15 am they weren’t disappointed. The Flying Scotsman, this icon of rail travel could be heard coming towards the station, and then it

Successful Week For Oakham Festival

This week, lovers of the arts including dance, music,theatre,comedy and much more in and around Oakham have been treated to a festival of culture around the town. The Oakham Festival got under way with music recitals from harpist Harriet Father in the Castle. Afterwards there was a Crime and Punishment tour around the town. beginning