What do you think of it so far-RUBBISH

Spring has sprung. The past couple of days, we have enjoyed all of this magnificent sunshine and dry weather. Beautiful colours and hues everywhere. Then there is the RUBBISH and the fly tipping.

Sadly, as well as mother nature rewarding us with these beautiful sights, the litter louts have made their mark as well. Mattresses, freezers, television sets, macdonalds rubbish, plastics, bottles, tin cans, and all sorts of detritus left for us to admire.

We also have to endure the RUBBISH on the verges and in the hedgerows.

Not only does it spoil our countryside, it destroys the lives of the wild and sometimes the domestic animals.  Why do people give no thought to how our country should look. It is so easy to take your rubbish home and put it in the appropriate rubbish bin. Time to start thinking about what our country is going to be like in the very near future.

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