Autumn Soon To Become Winter And Colder

Autumn is but a month away before the winter takes over. 21st December  the UK will officially become winter with trees bare of their foliage and vegetation dying off .

The weather is now much cooler, the nights becoming longer. As the sun goes down the temperatures go down with it. We can now expect to scrape the ice from our windscreens unless you are lucky enough to have a heated one that will do the job for you

As you walk around the leafy lanes (or cycle or drive), notice there are still some beautiful colours in the tree tops and the hedge rows. Oranges, yellows and the deep copper coloured beech leaves make up an Autumn kaleidoscope, but sadly every day the leaves depart from their branches to cover the pavements and verges. Every day the leaves flutter down in readiness for the trees to sleep for the winter.

Winter can be a season of ice, snow, and rain. Dark mornings and long nights, short days with little sunshine. Time to wrap up and keep warm. It isn’t all doom and gloom though because the 21st December also marks the shortest day of the year and the Winter Solstice. Every day after this date the days become longer and the nights shorter by a couple of minutes and marching on to Spring.

During the winter months we can look forward to the Christmas period and the New Year. In February there is St Valentine’s day, then on Tuesday 13th February, the day before St Valentine’s day, we can gorge ourselves on pancakes. Who doesn’t like pancakes?

Winter can seem a drab and grey season, but there is plenty to look forward to, and plenty to do. It is a season of goodwill in December, January renews all your hopes and aspirations for the coming year and February lets you show your feeling you have for your loved one.

Author: Jim Harrison

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