Beautiful Colours in November

Have you noticed how colourful it is during this year’s month of November? Although mainly shades of red, they are absolutely striking.

I have made up a three minute film to show off the wonders of nature. All of the clips were taken from my garden. That includes the Rose Hips climbing up the apple tree. The Crab Apples were taken from my garden overlooking the fence. I’m sure if I set off to look round the county I would see even more striking colours.

November can be cold, it can also warm up a little. Early morning mist and fog can be a bit of a menace as can the rain that we sometimes have to put up with. Nonetheless, the weather definitely can’t hide these beautiful colours, sometimes known as nature’s palette.

The colours this time of year are just as elegantly appealing as any you see in spring and summer. I am certainly looking forward to filming some weddings and other events throughout the coming year. I certainly will never tire of the beauty that surrounds us.

If you are thinking of getting married in the coming months and would like to discuss videography of your very special day then please ring 07561 541211.