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Oakham Canal was opened in 1802 running from Oakham to Melton Mowbray. Now known locally

Merry Go Round At Oakham Market Place

Have you ever stood in Oakham’s Market Place and watched the traffic merry go round.

Autumn Almost Upon Us

September 22nd 2018 is the official date for the beginning of Autumn. The time of

The Rural Craft of Hedge Laying and its Ascendancy

A well laid hedge not only looks good, it also serves a practical purpose, that

What do you think of it so far-RUBBISH

Spring has sprung. The past couple of days, we have enjoyed all of this magnificent

Autumn Soon To Become Winter And Colder

Autumn is but a month away before the winter takes over. 21st December  the UK

Halloween,Trick or Treats and Jack ‘o Lanterns

Halloween is one of America’s favourite holidays, but do you know the real story behind