Coronavirus Taking Hold

As from yesterday (Sunday) the businesses across Rutland were taking heed of the government advice to close to avoid spreading the coronavirus pandemic.

In the main all of the pubs, cafe’s,restaurants, gymnasiums etc., followed the government’s advice. I only saw one pub open and that was the Horse and Jockey at Manton. Not only were they open they were encouraging cyclists to stop off and congregate outside less than the recommended two metres apart. The cyclists were enjoying the weather without any regard of the danger they were putting themselves and others in.

I must say that the Horse and Jockey were not being irresponsible because they were not allowing their customers inside the pub. They were serving them at the front door and they are closing for business on Monday.

Caffe Nero were open for takeaway coffee only. Inside the restaurant the tables and chairs had been removed which prevented customers from sitting down and enjoying their coffee.

As from Monday all schools across the country will be closed except to children of front line services