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16th February 2019

Council Approves Charges for Green Waste Bins

Rutland County Council have approved the introduction of an annual charge for green waste services coming into effect from April 2018.
RDC to charge for garden waste collection

Rutland Districe Council Garden Waste Bin

Approved by Cabinet in August, Rutland councillors voted in favour of introducing a charge for the collection of green waste. At last night’s Full Council meeting (11th September) an annual charge was set at £35 per green bin. The charge will help reduce the overall cost of collecting and disposing of Rutland’s waste. This has risen to just under £2million per year.

Councillor Alan Walters, Portfolio Holder for the Environment said:-

 “As a Council, it’s important we look practically at non-statutory services like green waste collection and make sure they are sustainable at a time when we’re experiencing unprecedented pressures in areas such as children’s services, fostering and adult social care. We cannot compromise on the delivery of vital statutory services that protect and care for residents by overspending on non-statutory services, and must consider different ways to balance our books effectively. We feel that a charge equal to around £2.90 per month for green waste services is fair and reasonable when the overall cost of collecting and disposing of all waste in Rutland has now reached almost £2million a year.”

Nationally, it is expected that 70% 0f all UK councils will charge for green waste collection by the year 2019.

The charge will not be applied to general household waste or recycling and there will be no change to how regularly resident’s bins are collected.

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