This Is Rutland Features Merry Go Round At Oakham Market Place

Merry Go Round At Oakham Market Place

Have you ever stood in Oakham’s Market Place and watched the traffic merry go round.

During any given time of the day, except for market days, you can stand and watch drivers making themselves, and the pedestrians watching, go dizzy by driving round and round the parked cars in the Market Place, obviously hoping that one of them will pull out so they can take its place.

The drivers are a very mixed bunch that take part in this amusing little game. Ladies, gents, young, and old, they all do it. The worst thing they do though is just stop and block the passage of drivers who do not want to park.

This practise of course doesn’t happen on Wednesdays or Saturdays because the Market Place spaces are taken up by market stalls.

It seems to be so crazy that the drivers do this when there are car parks so close to the Market Place, and I might add, at very little cost.

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