Oakham Butchers Using More Plastic

Why are we using more plastic
Why are we using more plastic
Nelsons Butchers using plastic to wrap their meat

Nelsons Butchers based in Oakham, Uppingham,Stamford and Bourne have always been good butchers.

There is no reason to suggest they have changed and are no longer good butchers. Here in Oakham the staff of Nelsons butchers are excellent and provide a good service. The butchers working there know their trade and are really good at what they do. And you can bet that the same applies to their other shops.

It is at this juncture that I really do have to make a comment on the amount of plastic they are now using. One of the window displays in the Oakham branch was totally covered in plastic. Every item was individually wrapped in plastic and I thought we were trying to lessen the use of the damned stuff.

Why oh why wrapped in plastic
Meats wrapped in plastic
Yet more plastic

I don’t particularly want to see the shops on the High St. looking like a supermarket. I like to see my butcher’s shop looking like a butcher’s shop. Nor do I particularly want to see it looking like a market stall. Don’t get me wrong, the supermarkets and the market stalls all have their place in the retail sphere, but so do the shops. If it doesn’t need wrapping in plastic, then don’t.

Plastic, plastic
Plastic wrapped meats

Author: Jim Harrison

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