Disgraceful Politics

Why couldn’t our political candidates wait a day longer to make empty promises to our brave armed forces personnel. As far as I am concerned this is an example display of disgraceful politics.

Today, 11th November 2019, at 1100hours the people of this country remembered the Armistice, They paused from whatever they were doing for two minutes. Remembering those service personnel killed in two world wars and all conflicts these brave men and women who took part in conflict across the world since.

Immediately after the two minutes silence our political parties made a statement declaring their intentions before the coming general election. Now I know they feel they have to do this but the statements declaring their intentions for our armed services on the Armistice day is appalling. Surely their promises could have been made the days before or the day after.

Using Armistice day as an excuse to offers of what they will do for our brave men and women is disgraceful. These empty promises were being made when I was a member of HM forces during the 1960’s, none of them kept. It is still the same today.

Empty promises being made on the day of remembrance is not on for any political part and I am appalled and offended.