Rail Fares Increased

Rail fares increased by an average of 2.7% from today, 2nd January 2020. The increase will affect millions of commuters across the UK. Here in Rutland it is no different.

The rise, announced by the industry body the Rail Delivery Group in November. As a result commuters will have to pay an extra £100 annually to get to work.

Transport Focus, the independent watchdog, said that rail users felt they weren’t getting value for money. Rail fares increased by 2.7% is just too much.

A spokesperson for Transport Focus said “We speak to thousands of passengers each year and we know that less than half feel they get value for money. After a year of pretty poor performance in some areas passengers just want a consistent day-to-day service they can rely on and a better chance of getting a seat.”

“Transport Focus has long called for a fares system that is simple to use, easy to understand and is flexible enough to cater to how people work and travel today.”

“As fares rise passengers must make their voice heard and call on operators to deliver a better service. Passengers should claim compensation every time they are delayed to help offset the cost of the fares rise and Make Delay Pay.”

As a result of these price rises, it would appear that the rail companies couldn’t care less about the trials and tribulations of their customers. Not only are their prices sky high, their services in many cases are not fit for purpose.

It is time they put their house in order. Getting more happy passengers on their overstretched trains will also help the climate change problem. Keeping less cars off the roads would be a good thing.

As a result of their intransigent actions all the rail companies are doing is making matters worse.