On Friday morning, 3rd September, the red Ensign flag was raised in the grounds of Oakham Castle. The flag was raised to mark Merchant Navy Day.

The Red Ensign Flag being raised in the grounds of Oakham Castle marking Merchant Navy Day

The Merchant Navy is the collective term for commercial shipping including vessels from cruise ships, tankers and cargo ships of all description.

During World War Two merchant seamen crewed Merchant ships keeping the United Kingdom supplied with raw materials. They also kept us supplies supplied with arms, ammunition, fuel,and food. Thanks to the Merchant Navy the Great Britain was able to defend itself.

At the start of World War Two 144,000 merchant seamen were serving on merchant ships. During the war 185,000 men were serving in the Merchant Navy. Of these 185,000 men 36,749 were lost to enemy action. 5,720 were taken prisoner and 4,707 were wounded.

Merchant Navy Day is run by the Seafarers charity taking place on 3rd September each year. The event is intended to raise the awareness of the dependence on seafarers.

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