When, Oh when, are we going to be rid of all the roadworks in Oakham. Not only the roadworks but the diversions through the estates. Then there is the hold ups caused by having to wait at the temporary traffic lights.

Sign Showing Braunston Rd Closed

The Braunston Road roadworks that have been going on for weeks are causing traffic to travel through the estate along Glebe Rd onto Lonsdale Way down back on to the Braunston Rd. Residents as well as drivers are having to negotiate farm traffic, huge lorries, coaches, and cars extra to residents who live here.

Roadworks on the Braunston Road

It can only be a matter of time before someone is injured or killed. The roadworks have got out of hand and it is time the people doing the work got a shift on and completed them so that we can get beck to normal.

It wouldn’t be so bad if you actually saw people working a full day. But no, they all disappear at about 2.30pm and you never see workers at the weekend trying to get the work done to alleviate our frustrations. Do we not think the council ought to put penalties on these firms if the work isn’t carried out in a satisfactory time?

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