Roadworks in Oakham, Rutland Go On Forever

During the past 12 months or so, Oakham in Rutland have had to endure countless disruptions on their road network du to roadworks cropping up all over the place.

Temporary traffic lights suddenly appear on the roads. Diggers then begin to excavate huge holes in the highway. Once the holes have been dug the workers go away for a few days. This coupled with the barriers on the rail crossing going up and down like a yo yo causes untold misery for the drivers. Roadworks are here to stay.

First of all drivers have to negotiate the roadworks. Then they have to cope with the rail crossing. Waiting at the rail crossing can take up to 15 minutes. Once across the railway line its more roadworks. Oh happy days.

After a few days of misery the drivers begin to find alternative routes speeding up their journey. Someone from the council is obviously watching this practise. Once the vehicles are seen using an easier route the traffic lights suddenly appear on this new route. It is at this point the misery begins all over again.

Not only do the roadworks cause untold misery but the amount of diversion signs cause even more headaches.

There are so many diversionary signs around the county and particularly in Oakham the poor drivers are totally confused. Traffic seems to be diverted to one part of the town only to be diverted somewhere else when it arrives there. It is then diverted to somewhere else only to end up from where it started from. You couldn’t make it up.

Signs that confuse
Confusing signs, which way do we go

On Braunston Road at the roundabout junction with Balmoral Road, there are 2 diversion signs pointing in opposite directions. Whoever thought of that little tactic really confused our drivers.

It can only be a matter of time before we don’t have a town. Slowly all of these works are driving people away to other towns such as Stamford. Who can blame them. The sad thing is, once they have shopped elsewhere, they stay there and don’t come back.

Recently, I asked a certain County Councillor Alan Walters what the authorities were trying to do to our beautiful town. He arrogantly replied “Improving it of course”


Author: Jim Harrison

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