Roadworks, Roadworks, and Yet More Roadworks

Road Closed

When oh when are we going to be rid of all of these damned roadworks in and around Oakham in Rutland. I see they have now dug up Cold Overton road and installed three way traffic lights.

Roadwork signs in Oakham
Signs in Oakham High Street

For the past thirteen or fourteen months we in the Rutland county town of Oakham have had to endure all sorts of traffic hold-ups associated with all of the roadworks that have been taking place in this now damned town.

What was once a beautiful town that was a pleasure to visit and shop in has gradually been destroyed. There is no beauty now, only holes and workmen peering into them.

Not only do we have to suffer the traffic problems caused by these roadworks. We have to put up with driving around a building site on the north side of the town. More traffic lights, more disruption, more aggravation.

Even more disruption is caused avoiding Pillings Road driving extra miles to get onto the bypass. Very nearly into Langham in fact, providing you can get past the building works that is.

Then, when all of the vehicles are stationary, the railway barriers descend to make sure the town is gridlocked.

With all of the traffic being disrupted rat runs are being used, especially by the big lorries. I have witnessed articulated vehicles going up and down Welland Way. Some going up Brooke Road towards Mill Street and others going in the other direction to get onto Braunston road.

Our town is being systematically destroyed, shops and businesses are slowly losing their customers, and we are sick of it. Time, I think, to have a very close look at who is allowing this strangulation of Oakham, who is it that is allowing all of this disruption. If it is down to some of our councillors then it is time to get rid of them. QED


Author: Jim Harrison

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