Fly Tipping and Illegal Dumping of Rubbish

Rubbish, illegally dumped, thrown out of our cars and vans, or literally just dropped appears to be blighting our beautiful countryside more and more nowadays.

Wherever we look there seems to be an inordinate amount of other people’s rubbish thrown in the hedge bottom, left in a lay by, or thrown out of a car window whilst driving. Especially on country roads.

These morons who think it is OK to leave their rubbish on the roadside should stop and think what it is they are doing.

Illegal dumping, also called fly dumping or fly tipping, is the dumping of waste illegally instead of using an authorised method such as kerbside collection or using an authorised rubbish dump. Wikipedia

Wherever we go nowadays plastic rubbish can be seen in the hedgerows, no doubt blown off the back of lorries. Food containers thrown out of cars after a take away. Used nappies left in a lay by for all to see. And of course the settees, washing machines, old tv sets etc left in a gateway for the farmer to have to clean up. Drivers and their passengers throw empty plastic drinks bottles out of their vehicle windows onto the grass verge.

Cleaning up this rubbish comes at a cost. Local authorities have to clean up this rubbish and dispose of it in the correct manner which costs thousands of pounds every year. Money that could have been used elsewhere.

If only people would take their rubbish home. Not only would it save thousands, the countryside, wild animals and the environment would benefit. The morons who think it is clever to despoil our fair land need to think again, one day you will be caught and hopefully you will be fined the maximum of £50,000.00 for what you are doing. QED

Author: Jim Harrison

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