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Rutland Food and Drinks Festival

On Sunday 28th October 2018 Oakham hosted the Rutland Food and Drinks Festival. Stalls selling all different kinds of food and drinks were scattered throughout the Oakham Market Place and the castle grounds.

The smells emanating from the stalls attracted thousands of visitors to the town coming from near and far.

The various types of fare included cakes, burgers, sausages, waffles, pancakes, crepes, pies and much, much more. All of these delicacies were on sale and the stallholders were kept very busy throughout the day.

Drinks included beers, ciders, wines, teas and coffees, also available to try and buy.

Visitors also enjoyed looking at the display of hand made poppies in the castle grounds.

Thankfully the weather was good which helped to make the festival a huge success and attract so many visitors to the town.

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