Rutland Water Visitors

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic Rutland Water visitors are being asked to stay away.

Normanton church
Normanton church near Edith Weston, Rutland, UK

There are signs to this effect all around the reservoir asking people not to come. Despite this people still turned up to the water. They parked their cars of which there was at least thirty on the side of the road and the verge. This of course was quite a dangerous thing to do being on the main A606. They were parked just after the Hambleton turn and just before the Barnsdale Hill.

Drivers and their passengers then left their vehicles and took themselves over the fence to the edge of the water. It appeared they were having a whale of a time in the afternoon sun. Some were paddling, a couple of bar-b-cues were lit and all of them were having a great time.

Anglian Water said “We’ve sadly taken the decision to close all of our Rutland water parks to the public with immediate effect to help limit the spread of coronavirus.”
“We had hoped to keep our green spaces open, but the wellbeing and safety of our customers, visitors and colleagues are the most important thing at this time.”
“We would encourage everybody to follow the Government’s advice to social distance and not travel wherever possible to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.”

People should not be congregating like this. Not only is it incredibly selfish, it is also part of the government guidelines. Coronavirus is still an unknown quantity. It causes illness and even death. It has put immense pressure on the NHS. It is causing hardship among some of the communities. It puts the lives of carers at risk. All of the front line workers are putting their lives on the line during this pandemic. FOR GOD’S SAKE HELP TO BEAT THIS THING AND THINK VERY CAREFULLY ABOUT HOW YOU GO ABOUT YOUR DAILY LIVES.

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