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16th February 2019


Morcott Loungers Beaten by Old Plough Colts

Last Tuesday evening, 19th June, the Old Plough Colts p├ętanque team were host to the Morcott Loungers. Despite being short of a couple of regulars, the Old Plough Colts were too strong for the Morcott Loungers and beat them by 3 games to one. The two teams played out the match in a sporting and

Fly Tipping and Illegal Dumping of Rubbish

Rubbish, illegally dumped, thrown out of our cars and vans, or literally just dropped appears to be blighting our beautiful countryside more and more nowadays. Wherever we look there seems to be an inordinate amount of other people’s rubbish thrown in the hedge bottom, left in a lay by, or thrown out of a car

Oakham Bloomers Prepare For Summer Planting

On Sunday (21st May 2017) Oakham in Bloom Volunteers, sometimes known as Oakham Bloomers, spent their time clearing the flowerbeds and planters and the peacock in preparation for the summer planting on 4 June. Their time was spent removing dead and dying foliage and plants, clearing out any weeds and generally tidying up the area