Thanks everyone at the Rutland Covid vaccination centre

Yesterday afternoon I was given my Covid jab. I can only say thanks everyone at the Rutland Covid vaccination centre for the way I was looked after. The volunteers, doctors, nurses and everyone else involved in keeping us safe. They were absolutely marvellous.

I arrived at the Rutland County Council offices at 4.00pm. Because my appointment was scheduled for 4.30pm I expected to have to wait half an hour. Not so-I was greeted by a couple of volunteers who checked my I.D. and then directed me to a parking spot. After parking up I was then directed by another of the volunteers to the entrance. I explained that I was thirty minutes early. He told me that was OK as they would probably see me more or less immediately. Before going into the centre I had some sanitiser squirted into my hands.

The next stage I was greeted at the door to the building by a lady who checked my temperature. Once that was done I was asked a couple of questions and then pointed to where it was all happening.

At this next stage a high degree of professionalism being shown by all of the volunteers, doctors, and nurses. Everybody knew exactly what they were doing. Within minutes I was seated and being asked by the doctor which arm I would prefer.

I was then given my vaccination and I didn’t feel a thing. After rolling my sleeve down and putting my coat on I was directed to another room whereI was advised to sit down for fifteen minutes. I then left the vaccination centre and went home. The time was 4.25pm. The whole thing was finished five minutes before I was due to be seen.

I can’t thank all of the medics and volunteers enough. They were fantastic. Thank you to all of you and to the Rutland County Council.

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