VJ 75th Anniversary at St Peter and St Paul’s Uppingham

Today, 15th August, VJ 75th Anniversary at St Peter and St Paul’s, Uppingham was held. In attendance was the Lord Lieutenant Dr Sarah Furness and the Rutland High Sheriff Richard Cole.

St Peter and St Paul’s, Uppingham

The ceremony, conducted by Canon Rachel Watts, took place with only the two officials representing the Rutland residents. They were also representing serving armed forces members and veterans. This, unfortunately, was because of the coronavirus social distancing regulations. It was decided this was best as there would have been many people attending which would not have been acceptable in the present situation. The same applied at the All Saints church, Oakham.

The Lord Lieutenant delivering her speech

At the beginning of the ceremony the Lord Lieutenant delivered her speech after which the High Sheriff read out the two names of the Uppingham men who lost their lives.

Prayers were then read by the Rector, Canon Rachel Watts and then the wreaths were laid. During this time the church bells were rung.

After six years of a world war and the dropping of two atomic bombs the Japanese finally surrendered unconditionally.

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