After thirty two years working as a press photographer I decided it was time to retire. It was time to give the upcoming youngsters the chance.

I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of being a press photographer. There were many assignments that were memorable. Sadly there were many that weren’t. The enjoyment came mainly from turning up in the office never knowing what I was to do.

Once I had retired I then became an amateur photographer and an amateur videographer. This I did for a couple of years until the passion sort of fizzled out. I then put the equipment away only taking it out whenever I went on holiday.

Recently, I realised how much I was missing taking and recording images so I opened the boxes holding the cameras and lenses. After much polishing and cleaning the lenses I was ready to be a photographer/videographer again. I made the moments decision to use the still camera for myself and the four video cameras I own to make films of weddings, christenings, parties, birthdays, and commercial events. I also decided that I would charge a fee that would be well within budgets that were affordable.

In August of this year my partner and myself were guests at a wedding in Glossop, Derbyshire. I took along a couple of my cameras and, with the permission of the bride and groom, recorded the wedding. After editing the finished film was 45 minutes in length and received many views with many positive comments.

I am putting a 5 minute 30 second snippet on here for you all to have a look. I am also going to use this blog to advertise the price of videoing a wedding and producing a cinematic film of the happy event. Should you need to book me as your videographer please call me on 07561 541211 to discuss your requirements.