Whitwell Councillor’s Planning Application Refused

On the 19th March, 2021, the planning application for a three bedroom earth-sheltered dwelling, Whitwell, was refused. The refusal was a delegated decision.

A delegated decision is made by planning officers who determine applications themselves without the need of a decision from the planning committee.

The planning application was made by Councillor June Fox against the wishes of the majority of the residents of Whitwell. A lot of the residents are going to be very happy at the decision.

She calls herself Councillor June Fox, however her name is June Titterton-Fox. Perhaps you could forgive yourself for thinking she has something to hide.

Cllr Fox has certainly caused a lot of upset in Whitwell where she lives. She calls herself a farmer, and I suppose she is of sorts. She owns two fields and a few animals.

Cllr June Fox owns three dogs and walks them regularly. However she walks them off the lead down at Rutland Water. I can only assume she can’t read because it states quite clearly that dogs must be kept on leads. She also gets down to the water by going through holes in hedges, holes that have to be repaired at someone else’s cost.

She obviously sees herself as a person who thinks “Do as I say-Not as I do.

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