One of the many market stalls in the market

On Sunday 19th December 2021, the market in the market town of Wimborne Minster closed its door for the last time.

Dorset Council approved plans for the site to be redeveloped as a retirement village

Planning was approved for almost 100 homes for the elderly, a wellness centre, and nine private houses.

The market is allegedly being moved to another site. This other site is to be constructed at Lake Gates. After 165 years at its present site the local residents are less than happy about the move. Many have taken to social media sites to express their displeasure about the move.

The Last Trading weekend of Wimborne Minster Market

Wimborne Market is a beautiful little town in the county of Dorset close to Bournemouth and Poole.The town, with a population of 15,500 stands on the river Stour. It has had a church since the 8th century and was an old Saxon development. The church is Saxon with Norman and Gothic architecture and is famed for the tomb of King Ethelred, brother of Alfred the Great.

Another tourist attraction to the town is the Model town. One of the largest and longest established model towns was built in 1950 and depicts the town.