Yellow Weather Warning

A Yellow weather warning has been issued for the Rutland area by the Met office. According to the Met office there will be snow and ice throughout Saturday and Sunday. The cold conditions will continue into the following week.

There is a small chance of disruptions such as travel delays, power cuts, cycle paths and pavements being untreated.

January this year has been the UK’s coldest month for ten years. However there could be even more cold and wintery weather this month.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Jason Kelly, said “Sunday, another weather front bringing rain and snow east and north across the UK. The most significant event in the forecast is a feature from late Monday evening, which threatens to bring rainfall across a swathe of the UK from the south and west.”

“In the colder air to the north of this system rainfall will readily turn to snow or freezing rain. Affecting a large part of England and Wales north of the M4 corridor.

“The risk of freezing rain will be an additional threat across parts of eastern Wales and the west and south Midlands. Snow should turn back to rain lasting longest across parts of northern England.”

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