A Walk Through Ketton Nature Reserve

This morning I looked out of the window and saw a beautiful day dawning. At this point I thought a walk through Ketton Nature Reserve is the only thing to do.

A Bluetit collecting food for her babies

After some breakfast and a couple of cups of coffee it was time to collect my tripod, a couple of cameras and set off for Ketton. The weather was fantastic, probably a little too fantastic because as the sun got up it became much warmer.

However, the sun did make everywhere much brighter. The wild flowers and the couple of orchids I saw certainly benefited from it. Not only did the wild flowers present a spectacle of colour so did the birds.

In particular a bluetit was nipping into a natural hole in a tree and then coming out with a creepy crawly thing in its beak. `Obviously looking for food for its young. It did this several times while I watched it.

Then there were a host of differing butterflies and day flying moths. All adding to the spectacular interest which made a walk through Ketton Nature Reserve well worth the effort.

An effort I shall be undertaking again next week. Hopefully I may see some reptiles then. Despite looking for them today, alas I didn’t see any. They are there, particularly adders, a rare sight to see so I am told.

I am certainly looking forward to another morning in the Ketton Nature Reserve.

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