Prime Minister has made an Announcement

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, has made an announcement that non-essential retail businesses can open from the 15th June 2020. With this in mind planning is underway at Rutland County Council supporting this announcement. The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has notified the council that it will receive Ā£35,627 of funding. This is to support the re-opening of the high street shops while making sure they are safe for residents and tourists to visit. Guidance has also been

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Rutland Water Visitors

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic Rutland Water visitors are being asked to stay away. There are signs to this effect all around the reservoir asking people not to come. Despite this people still turned up to the water. They parked their cars of which there was at least thirty on the side of the road and the verge. This of course was quite a dangerous thing to do being on the main A606. They were parked just after the Hambleton

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Oakham’s Bus Station Waiting Room Temporary Closure

As from today-23rd May-Oakham’s bus station waiting room temporary closure will take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Local bus operators have been running a reduced service for the past few weeks because of the pandemic. In light of the new lockdown measures it is feared there will be more visitors to the county. This will possibly encourage more people to use the services. With an expected increase in passenger numbers the waiting room has been closed until further notice

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