Exton War Memorial Cleaned

For the first time in almost one hundred years Exton War memorial has been cleaned.

The memorial was unveiled in 1922 by the Earl of Gainsborough. The Earl of Gainsborough lost a son and two of his nephews killed in the First World War. Son Robert and Nephews Roger and Maurice make up the nineteen names of those from Whitwell and Exton killed in the two world wars.

During its time since 1922 the memorial has become almost unreadable because of dust, algae, and dirt. A grant of £500 from the Leicester City, County and Rutland At Risk War Memorials Project to enable it to be cleaned.

The specialist services of IMI (Independent Memorial Inspection) used a non-chemical steam-cleaning to remove the vast majority of the dirt and grime from the memorial making it look new.

Annette Oliver, the parish clerk, said that everyone was absolutely delighted with the results. “We are extremely pleased with the final result.” she said. “We didn’t want it to look brand new because that defeats the whole point of the memorial but you couldn’t read the names, which seemed a bit sad. Now they can be clearly seen which is fantastic.”

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