Fear Of Coronavirus


I can’t help thinking that the fear of Coronavirus has brought us all together as a community. It has also brought out the worst of us in some regards. In particular, shopping. Shoppers accept the fact that they must queue to get into the store. That isn’t the problem. It’s when they are inside the store the problems start.

I was shopping at Tesco supermarket last Friday and stood in the queue waiting to go inside the store. That wasn’t a problem, having a chat with the other customers who were also waiting. I only had to queue for about fifteen to twenty minutes before I was allowed in to do my shopping. That was when the fun started.

In fairness the majority of the customers in the supermarket were sticking to the rules. Because of their fear of Coronavirus some were wearing masks, following the one way system and keeping to the two metre distancing rule.

Then there were the minority of shoppers who thought none of the rules applied to them. Despite the signs asking us all to follow the arrows stuck to the floor thereby following the one way system, they were ignored. This then meant that the two metre distancing couldn’t be observed. It was no good us telling them that they were not following the system because all they did was hurl abuse. Not all of them, most did apologise, turn round and walk down the aisles in the right direction.

The most annoying thing were the people who stopped in the aisles texting and making phone calls. This completely threw everything out of sync and totally wrecked the two metre spacing. Particularly when others were coming the wrong way.

When I eventually finished my shopping spree and reached the checkout I asked the staff member if this was the norm. He replied that sadly it was. I asked him why they didn’t say anything to the perpetrators to be told that there was no point. They just ignored you. They were fed up at the amount of abuse and threats they got. I didn’t know what to say.

I packed my shopping into bags, paid the bill and went home. Those staff members certainly didn’t deserve to be treated like that. They were there to help us, not be treated like serfs.

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