As I said in a previous blog I would talk about the criminal act of fly-tipping. I was enjoying the countryside when I came across some rubbish tipped in a gateway. Near to the village of Teigh in Rutland.

I just couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Rubbish dumped in a gateway to a field where the farmer would have to remove it before being able to go into his field. If the farmer didn’t remove it then no doubt the County council would have to. Whichever it is, it costs money.

Fly-tipping is a serious criminal offence. The courts have various powers available to them to tackle fly-tipping, including imprisonment, substantial fines of up to £50,000 orders to pay costs and an order to deprive rights to a vehicle used to commit the offence.

Sadly whenever these perpetrators are ever caught they never seem to feel the full weight of the law. In fact these damned fly-tippers only ever seem to get their wrists slapped. What should really happen is that they should be given a minimum sentence. A £10,000 fine plus 1 year in prison. They should also have their vehicle confiscated and have to pay all costs.

According to the Countryside Alliance the spike in fly-tipping during the lockdown gardening and home improvements became a national obsession. However, waste disposal facilities remained closed. COVID has created a perfect storm of littering and rubbish in rural areas. Here in Rutland there is only the one tip open in the whole of the county. This I feel encourages the fly-tipping to become common place.

The CLA says fly-tipping is a menace. It is blighting the countryside and the lives of those who live and work in it. Statistics have shown that it isn’t a small issue, with more than a million incidents of fly-tipping in 2016-2017.

William Cross, local farmer and County Councillor says “More costs for Rutland ratepayers to bear. Totally unacceptable behaviour. Please report using:

I agree with William Cross’ sentiments. Rutland is not a recycling centre for the criminals who leave their rubbish and waste in gateways and on rural tracks spoiling our beautiful county. It has to stop, and STOP NOW

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