I Love Rutland

I love Rutland, it has to be one of the best counties in the UK. I have lived here for the past thirty odd years. For the first sixteen years I lived just up the road in Leicestershire, just four miles away.

I really began to appreciate what we had here in our beautiful county soon after moving here. However, thanks to the pandemic I actually realised what we have here.

I began to take myself off for walks in the countryside and it was then that I realised what nature had to offer. Wildflowers, trees, insects, birds, wildlife, fungi, grasses and much more. So much to enjoy. Yes-I love Rutland. Just a small positive to come out of this terrible disease.

It was at this juncture that as a press photographer in a previous life, I should use my knowledge to record what I was seeing. However, I now use a video camera to record events and so thought it would be a great idea to share the films I am making.

It certainly isn’t the most difficult thing to do. It is all there in front of me. All I have to do is set my camera on a tripod, set the white balance and the exposure, and I’m ready.

With the help of Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 I have edited what I have recorded. The result is a five minute film called I Love Rutland-Part 1. I have to admit it is a lengthy process but have a look and see if you enjoy it. If you did there will be plenty more to come. The seasons are continually changing, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find the subjects in the Rutland countryside.

I have already begun to find the spots to film and share with you. I hope you can enjoy this glimpse into the private world of the Rutland countryside.

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