Leicestershire and Rutland Police Are Keeping us Safe Throughout Christmas

Leicestershire and Rutland Police

As 2020 draws to a close we are beginning to make ready for the Christmas season. Possibly, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it will be a Christmas as we have never known before, followed a week later by the New Year. Like previous years, Leicestershire and Rutland police are keeping us safe throughout Christmas.

Normally a time for parties, families and friends meeting up, this year is going to be different. In spite of the restrictions, people are being encouraged to enjoy the holiday period as much as they can. However, revellers are being asked to keep themselves safe and to follow the Government guidelines.

This Christmas and New Year is certainly going to be a very trying time for us all. Including for the police. One thing is certain, it is definitely going to be different for everyone.

Superintendent Adam Slonecki from the Leicestershire Police said “contingencies have been put in place ensuring that resources have been put in place to keep you safe and to allow you to enjoy yourselves as much as you can”.

“Our officers will be out and about to offer any help and assistance including high visibility patrols to respond quickly and effectively to reports of incidents when required. What we ask is that you continue to work with us by sticking to the Government guidelines helping us to keep you safe and well”.

Superintendent Adam Slonecki has alson extended his thanks to those police officers and members of staff that have given up their time with their families during this time. They have done this so as to help keep our communities across Leicestershire and Rutland safe.

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