Why oh why does Rutland have such a corrosive county council? What have the residents of our beautiful county done to deserve it?

I use the word corrosive because that is exactly how I see it. Corrosive doesn’t just mean rusted. No, corrosive is an adjective meaning abrasive, caustic, stinging, destructive, damaging and harmful.

The make up of the Rutland County Council is Conservatives 55.5%, Independents 33.4%, Liberal Democrats 11.1%, Labour 0%. From these figures the Conservatives are obviously in control of the council. Not a very level playing field. It might help if Councillor Walters reverted back to his Labour roots. From what I can gather he was Chair of the Melton and Rutland Labour Party until he defected from Labour to Conservative so that he could get a portfolio.

Recently, Rutland’s Annual Council meeting was held when the appointment of a Chairman for the current council took place. There were also a number of important posts made on the various committees.

Independent Councillor, Cllr Jeff Dale was elected as the Council’s Chairman, good choice. Conservative cllr Nick Begy will continue as Vice-Chairman-bad choice.

There were also a number of changes to Cabinet roles. Cllr Ian Razzell (Conservative) was made a Portfolio Holder for Planning. Cllr Alan Walters (Conservative-used to be Labour) now has Responsibility for Culture and Leisure services. Cllr Karen Payne’s (Conservative) portfolio expanded to include Governance and Performance.

Cllr Samantha Harvey (Conservative) – Adults and Health Scrutiny Committee,  Cllr Paul Ainsley (Conservative) – Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee,  Councillor June Fox (Conservative) – Growth, Infrastructure and Resources Scrutiny Committee, These three Councillors will be chairing the individual Scrutiny Committees.

Scrutiny is an important function of the Council and involves holding Cabinet and Committees to account – looking at how services are provided, and reviewing and developing policies. Councillor Titterton-Fox (likes to be known as Cllr Fox, obviously got something to hide), should really looking inward as she really ought to be scrutinised herself. You really should be whiter than white to do the job of scrutiny and she really isn’t and I have seen documents showing that she isn’t.

In a further change, the Council’s Planning and Licensing Committee will be chaired by Cllr Edward Baines (Conservative). Cllr Rosemary Powell (Independent) will continue in her role as Chair of the Council’s Audit and Risk Committee. 

Some of our councillors are corrupt with the power they think they hold. They are only doing the job for what they can get from it for themselves. Titterton Fox, Baines, Begy and Walters are but four of them. There are others yet to be named.

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