Helen Briggs Has Announced Her Retirement Date

Helen Briggs has announced her retirement date. The Rutland County Council Chief Executive has confirmed that she will be retiring from her role in July of this year, 2020.

Helen Briggs, Chief Executive of Rutland County Council retiring in July 2020

The Chief Executive first announced she would be retiring from her post in January 2020 after serving the county for thirteen years. In March she withdrew her resignation to support Rutland until more clarity over the Coronavirus situation

Councillor Oliver Hemsley, the Leader of Rutland County Council said “I am grateful to Helen for postponing her retirement to support Rutland with implementing such a strong response to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Helen has, throughout her career, and particularly in this situation, shown unwavering commitment to Rutland. “Sadly, Rutland has not been left unscathed by this pandemic. Helen’s strong leadership, supported by the skills and dedication of all the Council’s team enabled us to act swiftly and put in place measures that have supported and protected the most vulnerable members of our community, while maintaining continuity of many of the Council’s services.“We are now heading into a new phase of the Covid-19 situation, which has been referred to many nationally as the “new normal”. We need to understand and adjust to a new way of doing things and have asked Mark Andrews to act as Interim Chief Executive (subject to Full Council approval) as it is vital that this stage that the Council is led by someone who knows Rutland well and has a strong and established relationship with the staff team.”

Now that lockdown measures have been eased and other measures are being put in place, Ms Briggs believes it is now time to continue with her retirement plans.

Mark Andrews, Deputy Chief Executive and Strategic Director for People, will step up as Interim Chief Executive on an interim basis, subject to full council approval. 

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