Andy Burton who came second in the two horse race in the 19th August by-election is now beginning to show his true colours. His opponent, Paul Browne, won this by-election by 886 to 420 votes. He is now elected ward councillor for Oakham South along with Cllr Ian Razzell and Councillor Joanna Burrows.

The defeated candidate quickly tried to blame Paul Browne’s success using his campaign of focussing on housing and planning issues. Burton also criticised his opponent of running a negative campaign.

Andy Burton, already a Town Councillor, said “In all election campaigns I have run over more than 20 years as a Councillor, I have always believed that highlighting what I and my Conservative colleagues will do for residents is more important than trying to find negatives in others policies, but it is obviously easier to campaign against and criticise what is being delivered by the ruling party when you are in opposition. That’s politics.”

Regarding his previous 20 years as a county councillor he has history. You have to read it to believe it.

I was so pleased when I read the result of the by-election. Andy Burton, who is nothing but a Conservatives puppet, got his just desserts. I wish Paul Browne well.

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