What’s Happening in Oakham?

I’m confused. What’s happening in Oakham? There seems to be so many people who are trying to cause as much chaos as possible. It all seems to be the social distancing, one way system, parking, and who says what about everything to happen in our town.

I’m sorry to seem naive about all of this but I just cannot work it all out. My head just will not cope with it. It all seemed to happen last week when workmen’s turned up in Oakham’s Market Place to paint new white lines to enable parking. Whilst this was happening Oakham Town Councillor Joy Clough was swanning around asking shopkeepers to put out chairs and tables for the shoppers. According to the shopkeepers I spoke to she also intimated that Oakham Town Council was behind all of this work. After checking through all of the past few months agendas it definitely was not OTC that instigated the work. Rutland County Council claimed to know nothing about it. So who was it?

Here’s where it gets interesting. 4Oakham now comes into the picture. Group of five people as far as I can understand, chaired by a former High Sheriff Thomas Hornby Graham (Tommy) Cooper of Exton who was the High Sheriff for the year 2008. This group of people, five in all, were apparently asked by the RCC to look at the problems and how to fix them in Oakham for one thing. The other four are Debbie Oakes from Greetham, Joy Clough who is also an Oakham Town Councillor, June Titterton-Fox, calls herself June Fox and is a Rutland County Councillor,living in Whitwell, Nicholas Begy also a county councillor. It would appear that the Famous Five are telling all in Oakham what is going to happen.

What is also interesting is that these five people are also directors of a company called Develop Oakham Limited. 4Oakham and this company are one and the same preferring to be known as 4Oakham.

I know that money in the region of 15-17 thousand pounds was given to Rutland Council to help with the problems caused by the pandemic. I wonder who is managing the cash. A private limited company or Rutland County Council?

So what’s happening in Oakham and who is running the town?

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