Whitwell, A Divided Village

Drive East from Oakham towards Stamford on the A606 for five miles. You will arrive at Whitwell, a divided village. A village cut in two by the A606 that goes right through the village.

This beautiful little village is one of the smallest villages in the county of Rutland, the smallest county in England. The 2001 census showed a population of 41. The 2011 census showed a population of less than 100.

The houses in the village are built mainly of Limestone and the walls of Limestone rubble. I think calling it a quaint little place would be apt.

A public house, The Noel, lies on the Main Rd and the church on the opposite side of the road. Because there is nowhere to park in the village Cllr Fox once had the audacity to try and hold a meeting in the Noel car park without first asking permission from the landlord. She didn’t even inform him of the meeting.

The church of St Michael, a Grade II listed building, stands on an elevated area overlooking over the village.

Whitwell lies on the north shore of Rutland Water off Bull Brigg Lane. The harbour is a popular sailing and water sports area. The Rutland Belle, a pleasure boat also operates from there.

Whitwell, a divided village by the A607 running through. This attractive village has another divisive element there. Namely a certain Rutland County Councillor.

This Rutland County Councillor calls herself June Fox-Councillor June Fox. Can’t understand why when her name is actually June Titterton-Fox, so what is she trying to hide?

Could this possibly be the reason:-

I, June Patricia Titterton-Fox, of Applegate House, Bull Brigg Lane, Whitwell, Leicestershire LE15 8BL, was a Director of the above-named Company during the 12 months ending with the day before it went in liquidation. I give notice that it is my intention to act in one or more of the ways specified in Section 216(3) of the Insolvency Act 1986, in connection with, or for the purposes of, the carrying on of the whole or substantially the whole of the business of the insolvent Company under the following name: JPTF Services Limited t/a You Systems.

And still this company is operating.

There were a lot of problems, and still are, around Church Lane in the village.

There are parking problems in Church Lane whenever there is an event being held at the church.

Thanks to Cllr June Fox and one of her silly ideas there is only one parking place for church goers.

One of the major problems with this narrow little lane is that whenever anything is happening at the church, the lane becomes blocked with parked vehicles. Because Bull Brigg Lane has been painted with double yellow lines, parking is made impossible.

Another problem was caused when the old telephone kiosk situated on the main road needed a makeover. The son of one of the residents offered to paint the kiosk for free.

The telephone kiosk now housing a defibrillator

This obviously wasn’t acceptable to the councillor. She thought it was a better idea to pay a contractor to do the job for her, she thought it would make her look good with an election looming.

June Titterton-Fox lives in a five bedroomed house barely 250 yards walk from two fields she owns. These two fields she calls June’s Farm and keeps pigs and cattle there for meat. The meat is sold in meat boxes to whoever wants to buy it. However, she has now caused a massive rift in the village by putting in a planning application to build an ECO house in one of the fields she owns

A pre planning discussion was held before the 2019 election re the ECO house, a fact she forgot to mention before her election. According to a Freedom of Information request (FOI 7742), she was given a subsidy to help with the pre planning.

There seems to be many reasons for this abomination not to be passed. One of them, the fact it definitely does not blend in with the surrounding area. Another reason she has put forward the application is that she needs to live closer to the animals. She is only living 250 yards away now. She also says that she will need it for her retirement because of her fear of falling and having to climb stairs. Has she not heard of a stair lift?

Farmer Fox

For many reasons this planning application must fail. Over 50% of the residents do not want the building. Many feel her next step will be to build three more of these hobbit houses in the next field and then rent them out. I think this may happen.

This harebrained idea has been ill thought out without any thoughts for the residents that would have to put up with the fact they will have to bear with light pollution, a pond that would be a danger to young children and a nightmare view that was once a pleasant vista. And she cries crocodile tears because the residents don’t like her. Is there any wonder why?

She has now taken to the national media including the Sun, Daily Mail and the Scottish Sun to try and alleviate the problems she seems to have caused. She has even told the world about her medical problems, and for those we are all sorry. However, all she is doing is trying to deflect all of the objections she is facing. She is trying to put herself across as a nice grandmother.

Well, I can’t help wondering if there isn’t some skulduggery going on at the Rutland County Council Offices between Titterton-Fox and the planning committee and the planning officers. Something underhand is definitely going on and sooner or later it will all surface.

I have to agree with some of the Whitwell residents that the woman is unfit to be a County Councillor. Neither does she seem fit for purpose. She certainly appears to be abusing her position as a councillor in some way.

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